effects of wearing shoes that are too big

6 Common Effects of wearing shoes that are too big

If you wear shoes that are too big, you might be causing long-term damage to your feet and ankle joints. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause a number of problems, including blisters, corns, calluses, and athlete’s foot.

In the worst-case scenario, wearing shoes that are too big can lead to chronic pain in the feet and ankles. If you’re having trouble finding shoes that fit properly, it’s a good idea to visit a shoe store where a professional can help you find the right size and style of shoe for your feet.

In this blog post, we will let you know the Effects of wearing shoes that are too big.

We all wear shoes. Some people prefer to go to the market and buy shoes for themselves, while others try online shopping. If you go to the market and find a nice pair of shoes, you become disappointed to fit your size.

If you purchase an identical shoe that is slightly big or small compared to your foot’s size, it will cause several problems like pain throughout the body, swelling, blisters, etc.

If someone prefers to buy shoes online, then you cannot try the shoes. So, you may bring shoes that are not perfectly of your size.

Consequently, it may result in foot ailments. So, there is always a chance that your shoes are either slightly small or big compared to your foot size in online shopping. It’s better to avoid online shopping. Even some researchers say that wearing the wrong shoe size can lead to severe back pain.

6 Common Effects of wearing shoes that are too big

It isn’t easy to choose a shoe from numerous brands and a wide variety of stylish colorful shoes. Again size matters a lot. But ladies not only look for the shoe size but also prefer buying stylish modern shoes. It is not a bad habit, but you should be very careful while choosing shoes.

You will never wear sneakers when you wear a maxi dress at that time you prefer to wear heels. But, remember that heels should not be more than one and a half inches. Again the sandal should properly fit into your feet. Otherwise, you may get embarrassed in front of your friends.

If you wear a shoe that fits your feet properly, i.e., it may not be too loose or too, then it supports your entire body. You will feel comfortable and away from painful foot ailments.

All feet are not perfect. So, the shoe’s proper fitting can help align your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. It helps in improving your posture as well as blood circulation.

How to choose the size of footwear?

How to choose the size of footwear

The best way to choose the size of footwear is to go to the shoe shop and select a nice pair of shoes. Then try its various sizes by walking in the shop. You can try a size bigger than your size. Even you can try the size which is a bit smaller.

After that, take a decision. You then buy the size which suits you best, and you are pretty comfortable wearing the particular pair of shoes.

You can take the help of a foot fitter who is there in every shop. The size ranges from four to fourteen. You place your feet there. That will measure the length of your feet, and then you try several shoes in the shop.

But you should remember one thing, i.e., the foot fitter can measure only the feet’ length; it cannot measure the feet’ width. As a result, if your feet are much broader, you cannot comfortably wear the most stylish and good-looking shoes.

So, we should find footwear that is not too big or too small. The feet support our entire body. Choosing a stylish pair of shoes will not do. We need to select shoes that are good to look at and are of the correct size.

Tips for getting proper shoe size.

  • The size of your feet differs from morning to evening. Measure the shoe size in the afternoon because, at that time, the height of your feet is the largest.
  • We should select shoes by seeing the size written on them.
  • We should select shoes that are shaped according to our feet.
  • Make sure the ball of your feet should fit comfortably on the shoe.
  • The upper part of the should be made up of smooth and flexible material.
  • Walk for some distance by wearing the selected shoe to ensure they are suitable and comfortable for you.
  • Don’t buy shoes that are too big or too small.

What are the effects of wearing shoes that are too big?

effect of big size shoes

1. If you are going to wear shoes that are too big compared to your foot size, then there is a significant chance that you will fall. Those shoes will never maintain the stability of your body. You cannot comfortably walk or run with these shoes.

The situation may become disastrous when you walk on stairs in these shoes. Your feet always slip on this kind of shoe. So, while walking, if you fall on the stairs, it may cause paralysis or even death.

2. The runner should strictly avoid wearing shoes that are too big for their foot size. They cannot run properly in those shoes as they don’t provide any support to them.

It creates more pressure on the calf muscles, which reduces the forward force. As a result, they cannot run more considerable distances. After running some miles, they become tired and restless.

3. Some people prefer to wear high heel sandals that are slightly big compared to their feet while going to a party or having lunch or dinner party with their friends. Some wear these sandals while going to a bar and disco.

If you are going to use these shoes regularly, then that causes foot corn. The fingers on your feet rub against each other and trigger the development of foot corns. These foot corns are like bumps on your fingers.

At first, you notice that your skin has become complex and pathless. Later it becomes dry, and bumps are seen. They are very painful and need immediate medical attention.

4. If we constantly wear a bigger shoe than our feet size, it continuously rubs on our feet and creates friction. After some time, those shoes can make pretty painful blisters. It may generate pain and inflammation at the ball of our foot which is medically called Metastalgia.

If we continue to wear these shoes every day, then the Metastalgia aggravates, and we will be unable to walk a few miles. After that, we need to seek medical help.

5. Some people may suffer from a plethora of pain like arch pain or pain in the knees, back, and neck. Sometimes wearing big shoes can hamper Achilles tendinitis, which is the most prominent tendon of our body. This tendon connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. The tendon is mainly used while walking and running.

If you are going to wear shoes that are too big, it may create pressure on this tendon, resulting in tearing. A rupture in the tendon can lead to severe problems and you may need immediate surgery.

6. Wearing too big shoes can create pins and needles in the feet, requiring an immediate visit o doctor.

Just remember that if you continue to wear more oversized shoes than your feet size, you are constantly hurting your feet. So, it’s pretty natural you are going to suffer from foot problems throughout your life. The feet’ problems can also affect your entire body.

Why do celebrities wear shoes that are too big?

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Celebrities always prefer to wear shoes that are too big compared to their size and a bit wider. Even Bollywood celebrities wear slight big shoes while walking on the red carpet. It is so because they need to wear the high heel shoes for maximum hours of the day.

Sometimes even the whole night, they are forced to wear high heel shoes. If the shoes will not be slightly bigger than their size, it can cause foot pain and discomfort and may lead to significant issues.

When celebrities have to wear footwear for a long time, they prefer sandals because sandals don’t pressure their foot’s maximum areas.

But, wearing shoes bigger than their feet can cause other problems as they may fall while walking. If any celebrity falls in front of the judges or fans, that will be the worst moment.

So, they take some preventive measures with which they will neither have any foot problems. They are not going to feel embarrassed in front of everyone.

There is also a chance that the shoes of the celebrities may slip off their feet. So, to avoid it, stylists put silicone pads in the pumps.

Consequently, the shoe will now fit snugly, and it will not restrict blood circulation. As a result, they can walk or wear their footwear for a longer duration without facing any problems.

Some celebrities prefer double-sided tape to fit their shoes properly. Using this double-sided tape, they can wear high-heel sandals bigger than their feet size all night comfortably. The tape will prevent any swelling or blisters.

Change of shoe size.

Change of shoe size.

Yes, you are thinking correctly. The shoe size does change. When you are above 18 years old, the length of your feet stops growing. But your feet may become more expansive because of several reasons. Sometimes the tendons on your feet relax as you start aging.

So, your shoe size fluctuates at that time. Again, some medical issues may cause your feet to widen naturally. At that time, your shoe size changes.

Similarly, when you are pregnant, there is swelling in your feet, and you need a different shoe size. Some people are often engaged in running, playing, or walking long distances. Their feet are usually swollen from time to time. So, their shoe size also varies from time to time.

People who always prefer to wear sensible shoes always face problems with shoe size. Sometimes the shoe size is perfect before working out, and it may become tight or loose after the workout.

So, shoe size differs from time to time or from one brand to another. There is no guarantee that the Nike shoe of size eight will fit the same as the Adidas of size 8.

It is so because every manufacturer uses different molds to design a shoe. Each manufacturer applies unique techniques. So, it’s pretty usual that the size of the shoe differs.

And if you are going to wear shoes that are too big, then it’s pretty natural that you will suffer from significant foot problems, which are pretty painful. If you don’t stop wearing those shoes at that time, it may create further pressure on your foot and leads to immediate surgery.

So, ladies should be cautious while shopping for their shoes. You can prefer a shoe measuring device while purchasing your shoe.

How to know that shoe is too big for you?

It is very easy to know whether shoes are too big or small for you. Suppose you are trying sneakers, then by tightening their laces, you can easily understand their size.

When you start pulling the laces to make them extra tight, your shoes should be more comprehensive. Then you can be assured that it is the perfect size for you.

How to measure your foot size at home?

How to measure your foot size at home

We can measure the foot size at home, which is pretty simple to do. We need a few things. We need two paper pieces, a ruler, tape, a pencil, and a flat surface. You need to first attach the piece of paper to the floor with the help of tape.

Now you need to place your feet on the piece of paper. It would help if you bent your leg slightly so that your shin is in front of your ankle. Then take a pen and outline your foot. Now remove it and measure the length and width of the foot. It would help if you repeated with another foot by repeating the procedure for accurate results.



This is all about the Effects of wearing shoes that are too big. Shoes are essential in our life. It makes our life easier and more comfortable. The type of shoe differs from culture to culture.

But, in the majority of cultures, shoes are representative of social status. Usually, ladies’ shoes are lavishly designed and embroidered with precious stones and metals. They prefer to wear it at marriage, festivals or any special occasion.

Wrong size of the shoe or size which is slightly bigger than their feet size can cause several problems. They have to suffer foot diseases and foot discomfort while walking or moving here and there. So, they should be extra careful while buying a shoe.

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