How often does Adidas restock shoes

How often does Adidas restock shoes?

Adidas is a renounced entity known for manufacturing footwear, clothes, and accessories. It has got high acclaim since the time it introduced football boots with screw-in studs. By that time, it has been bringing forth unique and appealing products that are majorly linked with sports.

Adidas Shoes restocking
Adidas Shoes restocking

The thriving business of Adidas has become the number one choice of a large group of people who desperately look for Adidas restocking and new arrivals. Being keen, they want to know how often does Adidas restock shoes so they can plan their collection. 

But before knowing this, it is vital to have some familiarity with the company’s background to comprehend how Adidas has achieved this status. 

A glimpse of Adidas’ business profile

In this wake, this is to say that;

  • The foundation of the business was laid back in 1900 in Bavaria, Germany. Later on, it was registered in 1924 by Adi Dassler with the motive of assisting athletes with the best products. Currently, Its headquarter is in Germany.  
  • Years after years, the firm has been earning fame on the account of best-selling products that are all-in-all in quality.
Adidas Shoes
Adidas Shoes
  • In 1949, the company employed 47 employees, and currently, the business has expanded in several countries with employees of around 61000. They are responsible for Adidas restocking and bringing new arrivals in the market. 
  • It is considered the major sportswear manufacturer in the world compared to its competitors in which Nike is the most prominent. 

Since the core reason for the business’s growth is the products’ non-compromised quality; it has earned the trust of discerning customers that are always ready to spend money on durable products.    

Let’s delve into its restocking schedule. 

How often does Adidas restock shoes?

Adidas doesn’t have a certain time to restock shoes nor share any restocking schedule so it is not predetermined. 

The observations suggest that the season, buyers’ demand, and fashion of the time affect the restocking time. About each factor, Adidas shoes restocking details have been provided below. 

  1. If a product that is specifically designed for the winter season, may not be restocked again once the winter is over. You may get it next winter. But if the season is ongoing, the restocking can prevail. 
  2. Furthermore, if the demand is high, the manufacturing practices can be escalated to meet the demand. It can also take weeks to come back for being in a bulk amount to fulfill the need of ample buyers. But do not underestimate Adidas, because it embodies a high number of employees that are always busy filling up the empty spaces. 
How often does Adidas restock shoes?
How often does Adidas restock shoes?

3. Then there come the regular shoes such as sneakers, joggers, and Stan Smith that usually restock on regular basis and you don’t have to wait for them.

4. Some shoes that are made for a unique purpose and for selective use only can take time to get back on the market, and are not known When does Adidas restock them.   

How to contact Adidas for shoe restocking?

If your desired item has not been restocked yet, you can contact the customer service department for Adidas Shoes restocking via email or any source of contact. All the contact details are provided on the respective website. From there, we have extracted some key information regarding the contact below. 

  • Click on this link to be directed to the official customer service page of Adidas. 
  • Call on this number for quick contact. 1-800-982-9337 (contact timing can vary; to know that click on the customer service page link provided above.

These details are worth noting for those who want to get a specific collection restocked and so can ask how often does Adidas restock shoes of your concern. 

However, if you are not subject to a certain product’s arrival but rather want to get timely updates, the following details will be of utmost significance. 

How to get Adidas shoes restocking updates?

To know about the release of Yeezy, ultra boost, NMD shoes, sneakers, etc you can either follow Adidas on social media or install their app on the phone. 

To get updates via application, install the “Adidas” app that will keep you aware of all the latest collections.

How to get Adidas shoes restocking update?
How to get Adidas shoes restocking update?

On the other hand, if you are an active social media user then join their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to stay tuned. 

The advantage of these social media pages is that when does Adidas restock shoes, related posts are shared that get you notified. Also, you can know about their price, discounts, and limited-time offers. Usually, when a product is out of season, it is offered with a considerable discount. 

Besides these social media links, you can also find Adidas on YouTube and Pinterest but for regular updates, the fore mentioned links are useful. 


This post has presented exclusive information for Adidas customers that often ask how often does Adidas restock shoes. All things considered, this is the verdict that there is no pre-scheduling instead it all depends on the conditions.

At times, stocking takes place due to buyers’ demand. Similarly, in the same season, the product can arrive again. On the contrary, regular shoes keep on restocking. But to stay updated with the new arrivals, you can be a part of their social media community by clicking on the links provided in the afore description.

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