How to Keep Shoes from Creasing when walking

How to Keep Shoes from Creasing when walking? 8 Easy Ways

Imagine if you find creases on your favorite pair of shoes just before going out somewhere. It would be heartbreaking and would be the last thing that you want. Creases on your favorite pair of shoes do not come with a warning bell.

They always come until and unless you start noticing them. By now, you must be thinking about what to do with the creases.

So, worry not, this article is about how to keep shoes from creasing when walking. In this article, you will know about the reasons why creases come and what you can do to get rid of them. So, let’s begin.

Reasons for Why Shoes Crease?

Irregular fitting of the shoes, using the same pair of shoes so many times, and not taking proper care of the shoes are the basic reasons behind what causes shoes to crease. If we take care of these three problems, it will be easy for us to protect our shoes from creasing.

Another reason that might contribute to the creasing of the shoes is not walking properly. If you are someone who puts toes first on the floor and then heels then, you need to correct your walking style too. To walk properly, it is essential that you keep your heels first on the floor and then your toes.

Other than this, the material of the shoes also matters. Flexible shoes, mesh shoes, or shoes made of synthetic and leather material tend to crease. Although leather is the most suitable material for making shoes, it still creases.

So, instead of avoiding your favorite shoes or not wearing them, follow a few things that will help you with avoiding and minimizing the wear on the shoes.

How to Keep Shoes from Creasing when walking?

How to Get Rid of Creases on ShoesHow to Keep Shoes from Creasing when walking

1.    Never Wear Wet Shoes

Wearing wet shoes is one of the biggest reasons why creases appear on the shoes. Whenever you clean your shoes, let them dry completely. If you wear them immediately after being wet, then creases will appear. Therefore, in this case, the only way to avoid creases is to let shoes dry completely and then wear them.

2.    Stuff the Shoes

In this solution, you only need tissue paper or two small pieces of cloth. Just, for example, take tissue paper and stuff them into the area where creases appear. The tissue paper will help the shoes in maintaining their shape and won’t let them bend too much.

Moreover, if you are traveling, you can use some thick socks to stuff them up as well. The thick socks will prevent the shoes from collapsing and maintain their shape throughout traveling.

3.    Pick the Right Size

Picking the right pair of shoes is very important in terms of the creasing of shoes and other problems. Picking up the right size of shoes for yourself will automatically eliminate 90% of the problems that are related to the shoes.

If your shoes have loose-fitting, then make sure that you wear them with double socks. Moreover, after wearing your shoes, tie the laces properly.

All these things may seem very little to you, but they have a great impact on the creasing of the shoes.

4.    Use Shoe Horns

A shoehorn is especially useful when you do not have a rigid heel in the shoes. Shoes that have a shoehorn in them have very little chance to undergo creasing.

A shoehorn does not prevent creasing, but it prevents the formation of new creases and prevents the crumbling of the shoes as well. Moreover, it makes sliding feet easily into shoes.

5.    Iron your Shoes

How to Keep Shoes from Creasing when walking

This might sound a little weird to you but believe me. This technique works in preventing creases on the shoes. For this technique, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Fill the shoes with newspaper so that the front of the shoes is lifted to a height. Following this step will also help you in maintaining the shape of the shoes.

Step 2: Now, place a damp piece of cloth over your shoes. In place of a damp cloth, you can use a double-layered towel as well.

Step 3: Now, set your iron to a temperature of 60°F-80°F and iron your shoe slowly for 2-3 minutes. Make sure that you do not exert too much force on your shoes, or else you will ruin them.

By following the above three steps, you can easily prevent creases from coming onto your shoes.

6.    Use Shoe Paddling or Force Field

You must have noticed that whenever we wear shoes, there is a small gap between the toes and the feet. To reduce this gap, you can use shoe paddling or field force.

Field Force helps in keeping the shoes straight even when you are walking. A shoe paddling or field force fills up all the small gaps and spaces present in your shoes. If you can’t find a proper force field, you can customize them in order. This technique is the most effective one as it reduces creases and gives a snug fit to the shoes.

7.    Use Water Repellant Spray

A water-repellant spray also works to prevent creases on the shoes. As soon as you start noticing creases on your shoes, spray a water repellant on the shoes. But before spraying, make sure that it is usable for your shoes and does not cause discoloration to them. 

In place of a water-repellant spray, you can use a moisturizer as well, and it will do its work in the same way as a water-repellant does.

8.    Use Shoe Trees

Shoe trees maintain the shape of the shoes when you are not wearing them. It works on the phenomenon that whenever we wear shoes, our feet sweat. So, it absorbs all the moisture, and when it dries, it causes the shoe to shrink, maintaining the original shape of the shoe.


1. How can you prevent creasing on shoes?

You can prevent creasing on your shoes by following the following steps:

  1. Use a shoehorn to put the shoes on.
  2. Make sure that you use double socks while wearing your shoes.
  3. Tie your shoelaces properly after wearing the shoes so as to prevent them from getting wrinkled.
  4. After wearing your shoes, keep them in an upright position.
  5. Use shoe paddling or a force field to keep your shoes straight.
  6. water repellant spray also helps a lot in keeping creases away from the surface of the shoes.
  7. Shoe trees maintain the shape of your feet and help in keeping them intact.

Why do Shoes Crease?

The reason behind the creasing of shoes is moisture inside your shoe. When you walk, the moisture of your sweat comes out from the feet and accumulates in front of the shoes which results in their wrinkling. So, to prevent creases on your shoes, follow the above-mentioned steps properly.

Do creases on shoes go away?

Yes, after some time, the creases on your shoes get flattened automatically without any extra effort required. So, do not worry about it if you accidentally leave your shoes wrinkled.

How long does it take for creases on shoes to go away?

It generally takes around 2-3 days for the creases on your shoes to go completely. So, keep wearing your shoes until then without any fear of creases staying permanently on them. Hope this helps!

How can you prevent creasing on leather shoes?

All the techniques that are mentioned in this article can be used to prevent creasing on leather shoes as well. Just make sure you follow each and every step accordingly.

Why do creases form on the feet?

The reason behind creased feet is moisture. When we perspire, it gets collected between our toes and further accumulates in front of our feet. This is the reason why creases form on your feet when you wear shoes for a long time.

To prevent it, make sure to change your socks frequently and take off your shoes every now and then in order to reduce moisture inside them.

How do you remove creases from socks?

The following are some techniques that can be used to remove creases from socks:

  • Use a hair straightener so as to flatten it out.
  • Lie down flat on the bed with the wrinkled part of your sock straight down and iron over it using a very hot steam iron.
  • Use a brush to flatten the creases on a rolled sock.
  • Hold your socks by their ends and run them through a piece of smooth cloth several times until you see that the creases have been removed them.
  • Put some water in a bowl and leave the wrinkled socks in it for some time. This will help in making the sock flat again.
  • You can also use a hair dryer to remove the creases from your socks by placing them on a hard surface and then switching it on. Keep it for some time so as to reduce the creases completely and then let it dry naturally.
  • Finally, you can also use a rolling pin to flatten the creases out of your socks.


One can never imagine the sadness of creases coming over your favorite pair of shoes. But you can always get rid of them if you take proper care of them.

In the modern era, shoes have become a very important part of our life. It is a symbol of style and fashion. But at times, due to various reasons, we face problems with our shoes such as creasing which may cause frustration in some cases where we have an important event coming up.

We have discussed various techniques that will help you how to keep shoes from creasing when walking, and they are very easy to implement. So start applying them today in order to get the best results. The above tips and techniques will help you with minimizing and get rid of them.