how to stretch running shoes for wide feet

How To Stretch Running Shoes for Wide Feet? 7 Quick and Easy Ways

Tired of getting shoes but it turned out tight for your feet? Don’t fret you can wider your running shoe at home. It’s not a big deal because every pair takes a few days to soften. But you can use a few ways to make them comfy.

People have had this query for a long that how to stretch running shoes for wide feet. Replacing them is a waste of money because we have a solution to make them comfy by stretching them then why not.

Although this is necessary to wear shoes to keep our feet in shape. But being comfortable in your shoe is the real enjoyment. Let’s begin to find out the ways and methods to know about shoe stretchers.

How To Stretch Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Every difficulty has ways to make things easier. To stretch your shoe according to your size. Let’s get started

  • Wear your shoe most of the time even in the house
  • Thick socks can help you as well without hurting your feet. Also, you can use a hairdryer while wearing shoes with socks on.
  • Fill the sealable bags with ice and put them inside your shoes.
  • Fill your shoes with wet newspaper and then leave them for drying
  • Rubbing alcohol bags or stretch spray will help you to loosen fibers
  • Peeled potato also helps
  • Go for a professional shoe repair

5 Methods to Stretch Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Luckily, we got so many methods to stretch our running shoes. Stretch toe box running shoe will save you from the production of different deformities in the foot. Such as hammertoe, blisters, etc.

1. Buying Shoe Time

Yes, it does matter to buy shoes in the evening rather than buying them in the morning. Because your feet are swollen in the morning usually. And this is obvious it will never fit in your feet as it normally does.

2. Replace the Insoles

To get more space in the shoe you must have to replace the insole. You can remove them but it’s a choice. Shoe tight on top of foot makes stride uncomfortable. Replace the insole with the thinner one because it will make more space in your shoe.

3. Spray Alcohol

Yes, we can use alcohol as a shoe stretcher. Before wearing them spray them then you can feel the stretch in your shoe according to the size of the feet.

Moreover, you can soal your shoe in the alcohol and then allows them to dry. This method will help you more in leather and suede material shoe.

4. Hairdryer as Shoe Stretcher

The hair Dryer is not only working for styling. Amazingly you can take the help of it for stretching your shoe tight on the top of your foot. Making your feet relaxed and better fit in the shoe will be a good option.

But make sure that you’re not overheating the shoe. Too much heat will destroy shoe material. Don’t forget to wear thick socks while applying this process. It will take 3-5 days to stretch your shoe. So be kind and gentle.

5. Shoe Tree, Shoe Stretcher

A shoe tree can make things easier. It is a professional solution if you are wondering how to stretch running shoes for wide feet. Also, this method has a high rate of success without harming the shoe.

A shoe tree has a typical shape that will never make any change in the shape of the shoe. You just have to insert this in each shoe and then hold it for a while. It will touch the heel of the shoe for widening.

Rotate it clockwise without fear of damage. Leave it overnight for the best results.

Additional Tips for Shoe Fitting and Buying

How To Stretch Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Considering foremost things will make your investment worthwhile. There is rarely a shoe brand to be blamed. Because of aesthetics, we forgot to consider size and fittings.

Spending your hard-earned money on useless things will leave you with a lifetime of regret. Getting any kind of shoe without considering important things will lead you to financial crises.

Because when you choose the weird things that will harm your feet and increase your medical expenses.  It’s not only about knowing how to stretch running shoes for wide feet.

But it’s about getting the best in size and shape. You should consider the schedule of the buying as I have mentioned above never buy a shoe in the morning. Look for the perfect size, shape, durability, and comfort.

If your shoes are tight or narrow then while sleeping, it will cause pain, cramps, and numbness in your feet. Everyone must make sure about the quality to not be disappointed afterward.

Also, do not forget to consider the support you need. Your shoe must have even support to provide because a person may fall due to less support. An important point for athletes especially.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Widen Your Running Shoes?

Yes, 100%. With the help of zip bags, newspapers, a hairdryer, and so many things. I have mentioned in this article the best ways to stretch shoes tight on top of your foot.

By stretching them you will feel less burden on your feet. Every procedure has a different type of worth. Fill the zip bags with the water and let them freeze. Then put them in your shoe overnight. Your shoe will expand and open up more.

Do Running Shoes Run Small?

Sometimes, but for preventing it we have a solution. Those who have wider feet should get larger than normal. Because shoes become narrow with time. Also, make sure about the quality and durability of the shoe.

Investing in something that nerve payoff is not the right thing. Go for the ideal size by measuring it with the help of a professional.

How Do I Know If My Running Shoes Are Too Big?

There are a few ways to get to know that your feet size is bigger than your shoe. You will feel discomfort while wearing it. And because of that, your feet will get numb while sleeping mostly.

So go for size up. Also, your heel will start slipping while running and walking. And because of the narrow size, your nail will get bruised and you might develop different foot deformities.

After a long walk or run around your arches will feel heavy and ache. As well that your Achilles tendon will be tender with heavy calves.

How Tight Should Running Shoes Be Laced?

It depends upon you completely. You have to make sure that whenever you tie your shoe, your feet must feel cozy or comfortable. But I would suggest not to tie too tight or loose. Make sure that two fingers between the eyelets are enough.


Running with the perfect size of shoe has some different charms. There’s no hard and fast rule that you must buy an expensive and oversized shoe. After reading this I hope you know How to Stretch Running Shoes for Wide Feet.

Instead of being the hassle of the uncomfortable shoe and ending up with some foot deformity. It’s better to get the best pair that is not very large or small. Every shoe pair comes with some stiffness.

Shoe stretchers can help in this condition so don’t worry. Make your feet comfy and relax with the help of tricks and methods to stretch your shoe at home.